Women in Logistics and Transport (WiLAT) was launched in June 2013 to promote our industry to female members and to encourage and support their career development. By June 2019 WiLAT had over 3000 members in 22 countries and we’re still growing.

CILT Women in Logistics and Transport - Woman and man talking

WiLAT  Mission

Our mission is to promote the status of women in Logistics and Transport, to bring together those who aid the career development of women, and to provide a support network for women in the sector. We have a vision of being the most sought after organisation for advocacy and empowerment of women in the Logistics and Transport industry.

Our work toward this goal is concentrated into four key areas: Leadership, Mentorship, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment. Within these areas we work to bring change to our industry and the wider economy.

We are also aware of our role in society and our responsibilities not just to women but to the planet and to future generations. We are at the forefront of the change toward a greener, more equal and more socially responsible logistics and transport industry.

we firmly hold the view that diversity and encouraging more female participation in our industry, which is perceived to be male dominated, will do the industry well

(Dr Dorothy Chan, WiLAT Global Chairperson and Global Advisor, June 2019)

We Inspire, We Impact

See our online brochure below or click here for a pdf version.