How CILT began

At the Savoy Hotel in London on 3 November 1919 a group of senior transport professionals met determined to change the world of logistics and transport. In the First World War they had seen the failures of moving goods and vehicles. Now in peacetime they wanted to create a professional body that would make a difference and set new standards. The Institute of Transport was born.

Historical image of CILT founder members

How we progressed

The group’s initial aims were to improve transport efficiency, enable transport integration and encourage talent development in the transport industry. Aims that we still strive to achieve today.

In 1926 we were granted a Royal Charter by King George V with himself as the Patron and the Prince of Wales as the Honorary President.

The Institute grew in importance and influence across the world. We established territorial organisations in ten countries and in 1971 were granted the name of the Chartered Institute of Transport by Queen Elizabeth II.

In 2001 we became the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport as the two leading professional bodies joined together.

Where we are today

With the wider representation now we are involved in every logistics and transport sector.

We are focused on the original 1919 Institute aims of developing the science and art of transport and logistics.

We do this through talent development and professional education throughout the world.

As a family of professionals we come together in our annual International Convention in a different global location each year. There we reflect on our aims and plan our future.

The vision of those first Savoy Hotel pioneers lives and breathes and continues to shape our world today.

CILT Philippines

Pioneer Meeting discussing CILT Philippines, Manila 2018
From Left to Right: Janine Meg Tamayo, Dr. Marjorie Rola, Armei Sales, Andrew Basson, Brian Artates, Karyn Welsh, Marivic Chavez Ching, Ian Kano, Ben Navalta

A call to set up a branch in the Philippines was sent out in 2017 when a delegation from the Philippines visited Australia. An IT Project Manager was put in place in 2018 to find like-minded individuals to lead the way.

The first meeting in 2018, represented by the initial implementation Team consisting of representation from  CILT Philippines, CILT International and CILT Australia. All met in Manila and discussed the initiation of a branch for the Philippines and began to plan the business case for approval from CILT Council of Trustees.

In September 2019 we finally received ratification from the  Council of Trustees to set up a branch in the Philippines.