We set global membership standards. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Byelaws are set under the Charter of the Institute. The Charter sets our rules and applies universal standards in our profession across the world.

CILT Membership Levels - Two men looking at a laptop together

An entry level for all

Wherever you are on your career ladder we have a membership level for you.

You can join our organisation today at base entry levels. You don’t need professional experience or qualifications to join at Associate level or as a Student Member. For higher grades your application will need to be assessed.

These are the membership levels:

  • Associate – The first membership step with no qualifying criteria.
  • Student Member – You have enrolled on a recognized course of study in logistics or transport at a tertiary level within the country or you are taking a CILT International course
  • Member (MILT) – The first grading step for those working in logistics, transport and supply chain management. You qualify by experience or education.
  • Chartered Member (CMILT) – The second grading step for those working in logistics or transport and qualifying by experience and / or education.
  • Chartered Fellow (FCILT) – The highest membership grade. Here you have met the Chartered Member requirements and now hold a senior position in the industry. Rarely this grade is awarded by eminence following an appointment to senior position in industry.